Frank Monroe Fellows

The Rotary Club of Park Cities Foundation Fund (“Fund”) is primarily sustained by its members. RCPC members are encouraged to make a minimum annual contribution of $50. As a reminder to members to make their charitable contribution, a list of “funders” is printed in alphabetical order throughout the year in The Hub, RCPC’s weekly club bulletin. Contributions are tax-deductible and many members and friends make gifts to recognize others who might be celebrating a special birthday, anniversary or milestone. Memorials gifts may also be made to the Fund.
Contributors to the Fund at the level of $750.00 are designated “Fellows” of the Foundation. By unanimous action of the Board of Directors in 1995, these Fellowships were named “Frank Monroe Fellows” in honor of esteemed Rotarian, Frank Monroe. Dr. Monroe, a member since 1961, with 35 years of 100% attendance, was a past President, past District Governor, one of the originators of the RCPC Foundation and a long-time member of the Executive Committee of the Rotary Club of Park Cities Foundation. His support for the Foundation is far beyond measure.
An individual who contributes $750, or in whose name $750 has been contributed, is recognized as a Frank Monroe Fellow and is given a medallion commemorating the gift. Members who contribute more than $750 to the Fund are designated as multiple Frank Monroe Fellows.